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Got Dog Poop?


Why Mine Retrievers

At Mine Retrievers, your clean shoes, and a healthy, POOP FREE yard is our highest priority. We want your kids to be able to play in the safety of your yard without having to worry about those NASTY LITTLE LANDMINES

We offer services WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, or even just once for that backyard birthday party or barbecue. We will pick up the poop, and take it away ourselves so it doesn’t stink up your trashcan. You DO NOT have to be home, and your dogs CAN be left in the yard.

Children Running
  • Can your kids run in the yard without stepping in POOP?

  • Can YOU?

  • Do you have to check your kid’s shoes when they walk in from the back yard?

  • Do you find yourself saying, “I’ll clean the yard next weekend.” or ..

  • “Our yard REALLY STINKS!”

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, then WE CAN HELP YOU!

Who thinks about DOG POOP unless it's already on your SHOE!!!!

Areas We Service

Houston, San Antonio, and Austin* metro areas

* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to temporarily shut down our services in the Austin area. Please stay tuned and check back soon, as we will make every effort to restart service there as soon as our affected customers are able to return back to normal as well.

We are adding new areas in these markets all the time, so if the area where you live is not listed, please call us...we might have just not listed it.

We Retrieve the mines your pet leaves behind!

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