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Dog Walker

Services & Pricing

We offer services WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, or even just once for that backyard birthday party or barbecue. We will pick up the poop, and take it away ourselves so it doesn’t stink up your trashcan. All invoices for regularly scheduled services are sent out via email at the end of the month.  Payments for all 1 time services can be made by check, and given to our route technicians at time of service, or via Paypal or credit card before time of service.


You DO NOT have to be home, and your dogs CAN be left in the yard.  However, you know your dog better than we ever will. If your dog is even the least bit aggressive, we will take the cautious route and reschedule services when your dog can be controlled.


$12.00 Weekly Service ($52.00 per month)

$18.00 Bi-Weekly Service ($39.00 per month)

$49.99 First time / One Time Service*

$3.50 Extra per dog (3 or more dogs)

$5.00 Extra for large yards (1/3 acre or more)

$5.00 Deodorizer


Commercial rates vary for each customer. Please call us so we can schedule an appointment to inspect the area needing to be cleaned so we can give an accurate quote to you.

*For First Time services, we ONLY charge this if it takes more than 30 minutes to clean your yard the first time.  Otherwise, normal charges apply.

All invoices for regular service are calculated on a monthly basis.  Since there are 52 Weekly, and 26 Bi-weekly services each year, each monthly invoice reflects the number of services based on a calendar year divided by 12 months.


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Mine Retrievers Payments

Paying us is easy.  We have kept the process as simple as we possibly can, without complicating matters too much.  You can put a check in the mail to the address listed below.  You can pay with credit card.  We collect your information and automatically bill your card each month so you don't have to.  PayPal payments can be made to the PayPal address listed below.  If you do not have a PayPal account, we can help guide you in setting one up for yourself.

All payments by check should be sent to our address listed below.

Mine Retrievers

15201 Mason Rd.
Suite 1000, #280
Cypress, TX 77433





We Retrieve the mines your pet leaves behind!

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