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I give Mine Retrievers personnel permission to enter any premises. I am requesting to have their services performed to perform poop scooper services only. At no time will Mine Retrievers personnel enter my home for any reason unless the authorized person(s) indicated previously at the time of service by me are present.

I understand Mine Retrievers will close my gate upon entry / exit of premises. Mine Retrievers or its personnel are not responsible for gate(s) being opened or left open by any other persons before or after Mine Retrievers entry or exit from premises. I also understand extreme weather conditions (high winds) might cause my gate to open, and will not hold Mine Retrievers or its personnel liable for gate being opened by extreme weather.

I understand some dog(s) will try to escape from the premises at the time of Mine Retrievers personnel entry / exit of premises. Mine Retrievers personnel will attempt to block the exit of any dog(s) from premises upon Mine Retrievers personnel entry / exit of premises. I also agree to not hold Mine Retrievers or its personnel liable for any damages resulting from dog(s) escaping from premises where Mine Retrievers services are performed as per Client Agreement between myself and Mine Retrievers.

I understand some dogs will become aggressive towards personnel they are not familiar with. If my dog(s) show aggression towards Mine Retrievers personnel, I agree to confine my dog in any way possible to allow Mine Retrievers personnel to perform their duties. I also understand that if Mine Retrievers personnel feel threatened by my dog(s), they might not be able to complete their services on my premises. Mine Retrievers will not charge me for incomplete services performed at my premises due to aggressive dog(s).

I understand if Mine Retrievers travels to my premises on their scheduled day to perform services agreed to as per Client Agreement, and entry to my premises is blocked, Mine Retrievers will attempt calling me at the phone number(s) I have provided them.  If entry to premises issue is not resolved in a timely manner, Mine Retrievers will depart my premises and charge normally scheduled charge without services being performed.

I understand that at any time when non-payment of services Mine Retrievers has provided to me or anyone or any place requested by me has occurred, Mine Retrievers can at their sole discretion use small claims court or a collections company for resolution unless a mutual agreement between myself and Mine Retrievers has been reached.  I also understand I am responsible for all costs incurred by Mine Retrievers in their attempt to collect payment from me.  I understand a late payment fee of $25.00 may be added to my final invoice cost if I do not pay Mine Retrievers in a timely manner.  I also understand if any checks written by me to Mine Retrievers are returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds in my account will necessitate a $25.00 Returned Check Fee to be added to my account balance.

Mine Retrievers will do everything it can to make me happy with their service. I understand no one is perfect, and Mine Retrievers personnel will perform their services to the best of their ability.  At any time, if Mine Retrievers services cannot be performed satisfactorily, services will be suspended and any applicable charges will be billed to me accordingly.

We Retrieve the mines your pet leaves behind!

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